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At LOIS we work on building a reliable Internet. Our focus areas are software-defined networking, network resilience, and the Internet-of-Things.

Representative Projects

Software-Defined Networking

We have provided SDN tools for network monitoring, fast failover, QoS, and information-centric networking.

Network resilience

We have built a tool for analyzing the vulnerability of a network to many possible hazards (from small-scale failures to large disasters).

Tactile Internet

We have a joint project on the Tactile Internet with the Indian Institute of Science. Our objective is to, at the end of the project, be able to shake each others hand over the Internet.


We have focused on two aspects: (1) Together with The Things Network and KPN, we have studied the performance of LoRaWAN, and (2) we are working on SDN techniques for IoT.




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Fernando Kuipers

Associate professor and head of the Lab on Internet Science at Delft University of Technology.
Keywords: Network design, network algorithmics, Quality-of-Service.
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Jorik Oostenbrink

PhD student working on network resilience.
Keywords: Correlated network failures, network vulnerability testing, spatiotemporal resilience.
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Belma Turkovic

PhD student working on low-latency techniques for the Tactile Internet.
Keywords: P4, software-defined networking, congestion control, network slicing.
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